Old friends and Hip Hop stalwarts Discourse (Crate Cartel) and One Sixth (Pang Productions) are proud to present their latest collaboration, Skeleton Coast, a six-track project that was as much a quest to create something new as it is a tribute to the people they would never be again.
The first single, In the Name is up on the Pang Productions YouTube channel now.
Video by George Johnson.  Bass by Horatio luna.
Skeleton Coast is an expedition through the COVID-era and beyond, tracing One Sixth’s Namibian heritage to his current home in Melbourne, embedded in the sonic sand dunes of Discourse’s layered synthesis of electronic and analogue compositions, combining vintage tones with a modern approach, making the perfect home for the emcees’ rumination on life, loss and an unfamiliar world.
The challenge to be present in the moment of creation in turn became the aesthetic of the album, allowing the creators and their featured guests vocalists Nelson Dialect, Dub Princess and Thamson P, alongside instrumentalists Horatio Luna, Ben Milburn, Benji Miu, Kat O’Ryan and George Johnson to excavate what was there and leave it all on the table, unburdened by the need to “get it right” and just “let it be”. Between births and deaths, pandemics and public murders, government-sanctioned movement restrictions and isolation-imposed self reflection, Skeleton Coast is the culmination of a decades long creative partnership distilled on wax. Welcome to Skeleton Coast.
OUT 09.11.23