JOE SNOW - Elephants (PRE-ORDER)


Joe Snow's full length solo LP Elephants is out 25.07.24.

Limited edition Snow White vinyl is available to pre-order now along with Snow Pens and Snow Throw Tees!  Scroll down for more details.


All Elephants vinyl orders include a 2 sided lyric sheet insert with unique download code, signed A3 poster and Pang Productions stickers. 

An Elephants CD in cardboard sleeve is also included in the first 100 vinyl orders only.

The Snow Throw Tee is a 2 colour screen print of Joe's go to quick throwie on a heavyweight 100% cotton tee.

Adorned with the Pang Productions patch on the waist and the Elephants hand style printed on the back of the neck, these are available to pre-order now with or without the Elephants vinyl.

In celebration of this release we have also created a limited supply of hand made Snow Pens Elephant Markers.  This is a collectible 15mm wide chisel tip marker, stocked with savage unbuffable Black ink, kindly supplied by our friends at Brew IncSnow Pens are only available to pre-order with the vinyl and T-shirt combo.


 Born in the final years of Maggie Thatcher’s economic punishment, Joe Snow started his life in Hyde Park, Leeds, going to school in the neighbouring area Woodhouse.  Amid a back drop of Victorian terraces, burned out cars & dogs that would walk themselves, a teacher named Andrew Howdle introduced Joe to Hip Hop. A seed had been planted that would bloom at the turn of the century when Joe enrolled at Lawnswood High School.  His undiagnosed neuro diversities quickly made Joe unpopular with teachers, while his loud mouth scallywag antics landed him in constant trouble with Police and bigger lads in the area.

Joe slipped through the cracks of the school system and fell into a world of drugs, music and graffiti, spending the majority of his free time with what would later become Defenders of Style. The crew would session and harness skills that would throw them to the top of the Leeds Hip Hop scene in the mid naughties.  Defenders’s music manifested into a soundtrack to accomodate the madness that a young man would live through while living in the north of England. As they used their music to navigate a way through the new Orwellian landscape of CCTV cameras and 117 person checks,  their sound and message resonated with listeners world wide.

Although tasting some success for the first time in his life, Joe’s mental health deteriorated after the loss of his mother, with his tendency towards substance abuse spiralling him into dark pit of depression, addiction and eventual psychosis.  After his second episode Joe found the strength to clean up his act and look for greener pastures, which he found on the opposite side of the planet in Melbourne. Working with record label Pang Productions and being clean for over half a decade, he began his career of Youth Work & Music Mentoring, working with young people incarcerated in the so called justice system, and eventually setting up a business that supports musicians & artists living with disabilities.  Finally having enough money to get partake in some much needed therapy himself, Joe began creating this album to pay homage to a yesteryear and unpack a life lived in Leeds through wordplay, lyricism & slapping beats.  Production from Must Volkoff, Adam Koots, Jack Danz, SINKS and Kodiak Kid set the scene.

Joe now resides in the western suburbs of Melbourne, making regular trips home while having his roots firmly based in the southern hemisphere, and overall life is good.  If you are living through any of the darker parts of this album, know that the world can’t keep its foot on your neck forever and one day you will breath easy again.