Dyl Thomas & Saint Surly - BERSERK (LP+CD Out Now)

After their acclaimed 2020 pop culture soaked ¥100 LP, Melbourne’s Dyl Thomas and Brisbane’s Saint Surly return with their latest 12bit-baprap long player, BERSERK.
Comprising of 12 tracks featuring guest appearances from Nelson Dialect, One Sixth, Adam Koots, Joe Snow, SINKS, Ratu, Downpat, Ash the Author, and outstanding original artwork from Akuze of AFP fame, BERSERK casts some darker tones while maintaining sure-fire Dyl Thomas raps and rock solid Surly production.
Dyl Thomas & Saint Surly’s BERSERK is out now through Pang Productions on luxurious limited edition gatefold purple transparent vinyl, CD, digital download and streaming services.