Catch Joe Snow and Must Volkoff touring Australia & New Zealand with UK's Lee Scott and Black Josh in August.
Blah Records heavy hitters Lee Scott and Black Josh are without a doubt two of the most formidable lyricists in the underground UK hip hop scene.  With an undeniable cult following that spans across the globe, this pair are setting out to give the south pacific a taste of the dark and witty madness they are known so well for bringing.
Lee Scott AKA Leezus reps a uniquely intelligent style of “Gonzo Lyricism” sharp, hard hitting, fuckin' hilarious. Co founder of the legendary BLAH records, Lee has achieved absolute don status with a long and impressive history of contributions to the UK rap world with over fifty releases across his discography.
Hailed as a "Manchester cult hero" and a "lyrical maverick”, Black Josh has been part of some HUGE rap groups: Cult of the Damned, Levelz and The Mouse Outfit to name a few. With a solid mix of high energy and low pace head nod tunes, Josh is easily one of the best at what he does.
Joining them will be Pang Productions staples Joe Snow and Must Volkoff as well as local support in every city.
Tickets for both Melbourne shows have already sold out so don't sleep!