SAINT SURLY & DYL THOMAS – Twelve (Hundred) LP

We are proud to present Saint Surly and Dyl Thomas’ instrumental beat album,

? Twelve (Hundred) ?

Entirely produced on 1980’s 12 bit samplers, the iconic E-mu Systems SP-1200 and SP-12, (Twelve Hundred) is a Lo-Fi buzz-fest of classic boom bap beats with no fillers.  26 fire instrumentals on wax, plus 5 bonus beats included in the digital version.  Side A features Saint Surly on the SP-1200.  Side B is produced by Dyl Thomas on the SP-12.

The Twelve (Hundred) LP is available on limited edition 12″ Orange Vinyl now.  Only 100 copies have been pressed.

We are out of stock already but you can still grab a copy from these independent stores.  Support your local!

Union Heights (Melbourne)

Northside Records (Melbourne)

Wax Museum Records (Melbourne)

567 King (Sydney)




SIDE A – Saint Surly * SP-1200

01. Trinitron

02. S.N.K

03. Eva Unit 01

04. Double Dip

05. Melted

06. Free Guitar

07. Roles

08. I Hit It

09. Lowsat

10. Hand Model

11. Snatcher

12. Astro

13. Red Zaku

14. Lupin

15. Hermit (Digital Only)

16. Fazed (Digital Only)


SIDE B – Dyl Thomas * SP-12

17. Half Man Half Amazing

18. Authentic

19. Candy Coated

20. Fugu

21. Hagar

22. Mad Rowdy

23. Die Trying

24. Final Boss

25. Land Of the Rising Sun

26. Blood On the Alpaca

27. Nimbus

28. Big Liar

29. Red Wine Tears (Digital Only)

30. Charlie In My Shoe (Digital Only)

31. Alone On the Astral (Digital Only)