JOE SNOW & SINKS – Fresh Pastries EP (OUT NOW)

Just days after his latest solo album Terror Australis went straight to number one in the Bandcamp Underground Hip Hop charts, selling out on vinyl almost immediately, Sinks announced his collaborative EP with Joe SnowFresh Pastries.

Originally from Leeds in the UK, Snow began his career with Defenders Of Style, creating a handful of classic albums and building a solid fan base in the UK, Europe & Australia off the back of them. Relocating to Australia in 2016, he began working with Melbourne’s premier Hip Hop imprint Pang Productions. This latest offering is a perfect example of the label’s dedication to releasing quality Hip Hop music that stands head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of style and originality.


Aptly named after the title track and video featuring guest verses from Nelson Dialect & Adam Koots, the Fresh Pastries EP is an extended display of smooth flows and sharp wordplay over classic head nod style production from Sinks. The EP also boasts heavy weight features from Maundz, Tenth Dan & Dyl Thomas, all having enjoyed recent success with solo releases, proving their clout time and time again as some of Australia’s best.

Living up to it’s name, Fresh Pastries delivers a short and sweet taste of style and fresh flavours.  A delicious spread!

Fresh Pastries is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the Pang Productions Bandcamp now.

Hit the link above to watch the video for the title track featuring Nelson Dialect & Adam Koots on the Pang Productions YouTube channel.