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Since they first colluded on Must Volkoff’s White Russian album in 2013 producing two stand out tracks Homeostasis and Time Wields Everything, the symbiosis of Must & Nelson Dialect has been unmistakable.  Dialect’s raspy vocals flawlessly complementing the trademark sounds of Must Volkoff was again displayed when they joined forces on their Metastasis/Jewels & Crystals 7” (2016), and The Holy Ghost on Volkoff’s Aquanaut (2017).

The consistent quality of this small catalogue has lead to mounting demand for a full length release from the duo.  We’re proud to announce the pair have packaged up seven new songs plus interludes in the form of the Magnetism LP.

Magnetism is set for release on Vinyl and Digital on Friday June 22.

Vinyl pre-orders are available at from Friday June 1.


Side A

01 Intro

02 Get It

03 Magnetism

04 Electric Current Flow

05 Acute Vision

06 Hyper Aware

Side B

07 Storm Boy

08 As Above So Below

09 Mind Your Wants

10 Laws Of Physics

11 Ulterior Motives